I'm passionate about bringing my own ideas to real life. I have founded two companies in Japan:GAKKO Inc., a company that runs/designs summer camps that focus on technology and design, and MinuteInc, an online tutoring platform, which was purchased byBenesse Corporation for $70K in January of 2012. 

 I was the first tech hire at Origami Inc., a rapidly growing Japanese start-up that focuses on e-commerce and mobile payments. I enjoy studying programming, and contemplating on the possibilities technology can bring to the world. I'm currently building apps for Google Glass as a Glass Explorer. 

I've been practicing magic tricks since the age of 8, and have been performing professionally in NYC, Tokyo, LA, Istanbul, and London for the past 3 years. I went on my first magic world tour "Joker & King" the summer of 2013. Magic taught me one important lesson: for an idea to have an impact, it has to be full of sophisticated wonder.